Thursday, July 26, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/26)

Gothamist: Who says romance is dead?

Variety: YouTube deletes videos posted by Infowars, suspends alt-right channel from live-streaming

Dlisted: Alleged girlfriend beater Ryan Phillippe is still one hot piece

The Daily News: Novak Djokovic's wife's grandfather kidnapped, left tied up in field after robbery

Towleroad: A gay man's boozy quest to meet his icon, Diane Keaton

EW: Chelsea Handler to play a "high-powered lesbian" on "Will & Grace" -- even though it's not her story tell(!)

Instagram: Has original bassist Annette Zilinskas rejoined the Bangles?

Deep Dish: Nothing sexier than two hot men kissing

The New York Times: Mueller examining Trump's tweets in wide-ranging obstruction inquiry

Baseline: Should all majors have deciding-set tiebreakers

Brooklyn Vegan: Hunky Frye Festival founder pleads guilty to fake ticketing scheme

Gre8er Days: A review of Renee Taylor's "My Life on a Diet"

Metrosource: Prince Harry, Elton John launch new effort at World AIDS Conference

The Advocate: LGBT activist David Mixner will not be put out to pasture

Toledo Blade: Betsy DeVos's poor $40 million yacht -- good thing she has nine other ones

PinkNews: Trump whore Chadwick Moore alerts FBI after being banned from Grindr

NYT Magazine: Do you live in a political bubble? (Yes, thank God!)

OMG Blog: Disney actor Ryan Potter flaunts his junk

Hot Cat of the Day: That clock is really asking for it!

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