Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Remains of the Day (07/03)

Dlisted: Guy Pearce on "handsy" Kevin Spacey: "Thankfully I was 29 and not 14" (wait, is he SHAMING adults who "allow" themselves to be sexually assaulted?!!!)

Towleroad: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio) is being accused by former wrestlers he coached at Ohio State University of failing to stop the team doctor from molesting them and other students

Express: Duran Duran's John Taylor names hottest greatest bassist of all time in new poll

Back2Stonewall: Yet another example of how the left is going to trip over itself and lose more elections

The New York Times: After a car wreck in South Africa, a woman was declared dead by an ambulance crew and moved to a morgue -- several hours later she was heard breathing

The Gay Almanac: U.K. government to ban gay-conversion therapy

The Studio: Queer|Art presents new exhibitions at The Studio by HBO in PTown, July 6-Aug. 19

Wimbledon: As predicted, Petra Kvitova, Richard Gasquet, Elina Svitolina are all out at the All England Club

Boy Culture: Watching Jose Dones mow his lawn buck naked is one of the most satisying uses of Instagram yet

Gr8er Days: The hilarious Stephen Stucker of "Airplane!" fame would have been turning 71 today if not for AIDS

The Washington Post: Prosecutors debunk conspiracy theories spread by Trump and conservative media in plea deal for ex-congressional IT staffer

Greg in Hollywood: In praise of the incredibly handsome Patrick Wilson

Hot Cat of the Day: Pillow stalk

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