Monday, June 25, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/25)

Too Fab: "Real World" gay icon Danny Roberts, now 40, reveals PTSD after MTV and offers advice for LGBTQ+ youth

Arizona Republic: Here's an idea: If you don't want to fill prescriptions, don't become a pharmacist

Towleroad: Toxicology report reveals cocktail of drugs that killed "Storm Chasers" star Joel Taylor on gay Atlantis cruise

The Washington Post: Liberal hostility toward Trump aides could galvanize the GOP base, writes James Hohmann (NOTE: I don't really agree with this reasoning, but I do fully expect Trump to be re-elected in 2020)

BBC Comedy: This video will explain how we will lose the 2020 presidential election

Boy Culture: Adam Rippon in the raw for ESPN

Capturing Rainbows: The changing face of Pride

Broadway World: How a Broadway music video captured the "morning glow" of marriage equality

Extra: Cynthia Nixon announces that her oldest child, Seph, is trans

Heavy: Did you know John Ritter's youngest child (with whom he had with Amy Yasbeck of "Wings") is also trans?

The Daily News: The U.S. border security agency temporarily stopped handing over migrant families for prosecution, effectively limiting the “zero tolerance” policy (for now)

NBC: The Supreme Court declined to hear the appeal of Brendan Dassey, whose conviction was documented in the 2015 Netflix documentary series "Making a Murderer"

The New York Times: Queer love in color

Dlisted: Heather Locklear got arrested again -- how much do you want to bet if she were black and behaved this way she would be dead?

The Gay Almanac: Happy 83rd birthday to LGBTQ activist Larry Kramer

AmericaBlog: Trump staffers complain of D.C. dating blacklist

OMG Blog: Musician Jack Gilinsky of "Jack and Jack" shows off his, um, drum stick

Washington Blade: Supreme Court sends back "religious freedom" case from anti-gay florist

Hot Cat of the Day: Could you please chew with your mouth closed? 

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