Friday, June 22, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/22)

Towleroad: Idina Menzel opens in off-Broadway's "Skintight," a daddy-twink romance where "hot is everything"

Dlisted: Emma Watson appears to be still dating hot-ass Chord Overstreet after all

The Gay Almanac: Meredith Baxter-No-Longer-Birney is still a lesbian

Instagram: Move over, Dominic -- I'm in love with another player

HuffPost: Czech Republic moves a step closer to legalizing same-sex marriage

Hunk du Jour: My favorite look on a man -- shirt over the head and legs spread

Facebook: Gay journalist Dick Jefferson memorialized in New York City

The New York Times: Reimagining Trump's "zero tolerance" as a 1940s propaganda film

The Guardian: Despite a disastrous Thursday, Damian is thrilled to see Argentina can still  Radwanska its way to the World Cup crown

The Washington Post: Now Trump "officially" declares North Korea still a threat, despite his claim that they're weren't after silly summit

Universal Pictures: Why isn't the "Suspenseful Sex Mystery" a viable film genre anymore?

Vulture: Watch Divine throw a (different) tantrum in this never-before-seen "Female Trouble" clip

Boy Culture: Mr. Beard is hot, but I think his mustachioed boyfriend should have been the subject of this book (woof!)

Back2Stonewall: Revisiting the brutal 1977 murder of Robert Hillsborough

Outsports: Kentucky football player Landon Foster is coming out publicly to inspire others

OMG Blog: That's what I call an all-American penis

The Randy Report: #EraseHate PSA starring sexy Matt Bomer, others

Savage Love: So when will Sam have to stop sucking his straight friend's c**k?


Myk said...

re: Hink du Jour; I'mwith you, bud.

jaragon said...

We need more mystery suspense sex at the movies- and yes do watch "Marnie" with the very hot young Sean Connery - the films attitude towards women are dated but would anyone in their right mind say no to Mr Bond?