Monday, June 04, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/03)

Baseline: Dominic Thiem leads the 2018 Roland Garros fashion report

The Randy Report: The internet responds to Supreme Court's Colorado baker ruling

Dlisted: Brody Jenner was one hot groom this weekend

Gothamist: A brief history of Dolly Parton's time in NYC

TV Line: Sara Gilbert says she "stands behind the decision ABC made" to cancel "Roseanne"

HuffPost: The third "Legally Blonde" movie nobody wanted is coming soon

Gr8er Days: Robert Mandan (aka Chester Tate) has died at 86; Damian and I have been watching "Soap" on Antenae TV and just noted he was an underappreciated asset among the sitcom's many larger-than-life personalities

Tennis Life: Citing injury, Serena Williams dodges Maria Sharapova in match the Russian finally might have had a 5% chance of winning

Instagram: You don't have to be Catholic to celebrate Ass Wednesday

Back2Stonewall: Guyana holds first LGBT Pride parade

CNN: Jim Parsons on Roseanne Barr: Who is she, who was she, who does she hope to be?

Boy Culture: Patrick Leonard, often cited by Madonna fans as their favorite of all her collaborators, is seeking to crowdfund his new album ("Bring the Circus Home") via Kickstarter!

Hot Cat of the Day: What's life without snuggling?

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James Greenlee said...

The crazy thing about the cast of SOAP, is that all of the older people in the cast (except the Major) were in reality mid-40s to early 50s. Remember gray-haired Dutch? Early 40s! People were "old" much faster in the 70s.