Friday, June 01, 2018

Remains of the Day (06/01)

Boy Culture: RuPaul endorses pretty boy Gavin Newsom for California governor -- but Matthew Rettenmund isn't so sure

Dlisted: How many incredibly hot men can one woman divorce?

Greg in Hollywood: Fashion icon Andre Leon Talley talks up his new documentary, "The Gospel According to Andre"

Twitter: Love the play or hate the play ... but I still say if its mere existence bothers you this much it's probably hitting a little too close to home -- or you don't understand that a work of art can be about something you don't agree with or like without being an endorsement of it (P.S. If it's not your own self-loathing, news flash: Not everyone grew up with "Will & Grace" and having parent-sanctioned threeways when they were 13)

NewNowNext: The Alexander McQueen documentary trailer is here

Outsports: Soccer fans boo player who skipped U.S. women’s match over LGBT Pride jerseys

Baseline: The women's game has gotten some deserved criticism of late, but let's not forget the No. 3 man just scored his first win over a Top 50 player in a Grand Slam event

Towleroad: Sex bomb Colby Jansen is on the path to being a "daddy" in his first non-adult role

Wisconsin Gazette: Iceland ranks No. 1 on LGBT Global Acceptance Index

The Washington Post: We were all less woke and less sensitive 10 years ago -- evolution is GOOD -- so can we please focus on our real enemies, people?

The Village Voice: 20 years ago, "Sex and the City" redefined the single girl in NYC

Hunk du Jour: Anderson Davis can be my hunk of any day

Curbed: What $750,000 buys in NYC right now

Daily Intel: Trump can't stop, won't stop obstructing justice

Metrosource: Lambda Literary Awards celebrates excellence among LGBTQ writers

Hot Cat of the Day: Aw! This is one good mommy ...


BosGuy said...

Thanks for the shout out Kenneth but the link for goes to Matt's boyculture page. Glad you liked my Furry Friday though. He does have great legs.

jaragon said...

"Boys in the Band" is a play of it's time and must be judged in those terms and some of the issues it raises about the gay community are still timeless

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