Monday, June 25, 2018

Live Through This

I spoke to my parents last night. They had to stay in New Mexico another night because the agency that gathers scattered belongings from accident scenes isn't open on weekends. They are pretty banged up and in a lot of pain, but the police were able to find most of my mother's medications (for her pre-existing pains) and delivered them to her, despite weekend rules. My brother-in-law is now there to help them collect what was found and to bring them home. My stepdad just sent this photo of what the travel trailer now looks like. (These before-and-after pics have me scared to death all over again.) Their SUV, RV and travel dreams were all totaled on Saturday. But my mom assured me they would "be OK" -- I was heartened by the resilience I heard in their voices -- and that we'd all get together to visit my brother Bill's final resting place as soon as they're recovered. It may not mend a broken heart, but it's a start. ♥

Checking out the new digs with Mom in April


Myk said...

Wow. I'm so very glad that your parents came out of that relatively unscathed.

BlogMarkBlog said...

That is scary as hell. Glad to hear your parents are going to be OK.

Blobby said...

horrible for them and scary for you. glad they are much as they can me in a situation like this.

jaragon said...

Glad to hear your parents are ok

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