Thursday, June 14, 2018

49 Candles

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Chrissie and Tracy were my first loves. But from the late '80s on, I only had eyes for Stefanie Maria Graf. There will never be another ...


Steffi Slam said...

As a fellow Gemini, I can't imagine relating to Graf on any level. Her game was boring, she showed no emotion or personality (until her later years), was all business and won everything in her prime. Well, until Seles came along. I have a hard time relating to any player whose game is best suited to grass or faster surfaces (remember carpet?), much like Federer's. Both are/were short seasons, short points, all serve, barely any point construction... game, set, match. Oops, I blinked - it's over! Out of curiosity, what did you relate to?

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

What DIDN'T excite me? In a sport filled with two-handed backhands, I loved her throwback slice -- which most definitely was used to construct points -- and just-when-you-least-expected-it topspin one-hander. No one has ever matched her footwork -- it was like watching a gazelle, not a human being out there. Her concentration was at a level I didn't think we'd ever see again after Evert and Austin. (I don't believe we've seen it since.) And her forehand revolutionized the game -- no one had ever had a weapon that big that could end a point out of nowhere. Plus the constant family drama! If that's boring to you, to each his own. :-)

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