Thursday, May 24, 2018

The Hypocrisy of Ronan Farrow

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Ronan Farrow -- who thinks trying to "discredit" his sister for running around repeating disproved allegations her mother fed her as a child is somehow beyond the pale -- wasted no time in trying to discredit the person who is in better position to know what happened than anyone. Even putting the molestation claims aside, how can Ronan so casually dismiss his brother's harrowing recollections of being physically and psychologically abused by their mother? That's what's beyond the pale here.

Says the 4-year-old with no memory of the events, and the adult who obviously cannot look at the facts impartially, despite devoting his life to a profession that requires him to be able to. #BelieveMoses #TrainInVain


Yes, I was interested in this "physical evidence" that backs up his sister's allegation, too. 


James Dwight Williamson said...

Says the man who isn’t related to any of them, and won’t entertain the idea Woody Allen is a child marrying/molesting creep.

jaragon said...

He is a hypocrite- no kidding

Mike in Asheville said...

Any resolution of a go-forward from #MeToo must come from those so horribly abused; perhaps a variation on the theme of Mandela's model of Truth and Reconciliation. Legal issues aside (as they rightly complicate matter) there really cannot be a go-forward, individually, without unabridged confession.

Thanksegon said...

I can't watch Ronan being holier than thou on TV, knowing he's generally holier than thou in his private life. The arrogant apple doesn't fall far from the narcissistic tree.

John said...

Nothing says innocent like marrying your de facto daughter.

S. Parilla said...

Ronan is entitled to his position and is also entitled to defend his sister and mother. I think the "he didn't do it" argument would be stronger if Allen didn't have a history of what most people would likely consider, at best, questionable statements and choices in his films and writing over the course of his career concerning young women and girls.

For example:

None of that proves that he did what Dylan has accused him of, but you can't deny that there is a pattern, a fixation even, on young women and girls. Aside from that, you yourself said, "None of us can know for sure what the truth is."


Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@Dwight: You're doing exactly what the Farrows have brainwashed the public to do -- falsely accusing Woody Allen of marrying a child and then conflating what he DIDN'T do with child molestation, which experts who examined the case up close determined he also DIDN'T do. (His wife was in her 20s when they started to date.)

You're wrong: I HAVE considered all of the possibilities. And as any person who has taken the time to look at the evidence rather than do what you've done -- regurgitate falsehoods provided by the Farrows -- I have concluded he is innocent of any crimes.

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