Tuesday, May 29, 2018

'Roseanne' Canceled at ABC Following Titular Star's Racist Tweet

Good for ABC for finally choosing decency over profits. But it’s just another painful reminder that even a (mentally ill) sitcom star is held to a higher standard than THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES. ‬

But to be honest, 10 new episodes was enough

Damian and I are on Trump lockdown as much as we can be, so not wanting to click through on any of the stories that might involve him, my guy messaged me to give him the "drive-by version" of what happened. I explained, and he (like others) replied: That's so dumb and pointless. Does anyone even remember who Jarrett is? That's so 2009

And then it brought me back to what I've been seeing and saying for years: Barr, like far too many white people (especially of a certain age), flipped her lid when a black man was elected president in 2008 -- and has never stopped revealing what a horrible person she truly is ever since. Even people who seemed "good," like someone who championed black people and gay people on her No. 1 sitcom, were not immune. It was like these types were loving and tolerant -- as long as "they" were in their place. So long as these people were the ones lifting "them" up. Want another example? Donald Trump. He went from being a relatively benign pop-culture phenomenon to launching an international "birther" movement against our black president, only with one key difference. When a woman acts this repugnantly, she gets run out of town. When a man does it, he gets rewarded with the highest office of the land. Make of it what you will. CC: Kathy Griffin; Hillary Clinton; Dilma Rousseff; Park Geun-hye


Not quite ready to declare a conspiracy theory, but my post about Roseanne Barr was "Friends only." Someone who is not my friend somehow left this comment. When I tried to delete it, it would not allow me to. So then I BLOCKED the user, thinking that would make the comment automatically vanish, and it just turned their name black and stayed put. What is going on here, Jesse Eisenberg?

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Matthew said...

Definitely an unforced error on RB's part. Jarrett???

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