Monday, May 21, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/21)

Towleroad: "Alone in the Game" explores the struggle to be openly gay or transgender in pro sports

Daily Intel: Pompeo unveils hyperaggressive Iran strategy that hints at regime change

Dlisted: Nick Jonas's shirt can't contain his muscles

The New York Times: Crazy Donald's "charm" and threats may not be working with China

The Onion: Satire site has finally read Michael Cohen's 2013 email regarding his client Donald Trump and would like to discuss the matter further at his convenience

The AIDS Memorial: One of the most moving remembrances I've read in some time, and I'm not really even sure why

Boy Culture: Gay actors letting it all hang out!

Back2Stonewall: On May 18, 1981, Dr. Lawrence Mass became the first person to report about the gay-related infectious disease later known as AIDS

Greg in Hollywood: Jesus Christ -- where has Aussie rules football plaeyr Eric Mackenzie been all my life?

Pitchfork: Reggis Lucas, who produced (most of) Madonna's first album as well as classics like "Never Knew Love Like This Before" by Stephanie Mills, is dead at 65

Die Alone With Me: Feast your eyes on the hot Aussie my friend Danny met on Bondi Beach

AmericaBlog: GOP campaign consultant John Weaver on John McCain and the GOP Stockholm Syndrome under Trump

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Hot Cat of the Day: I feel for this guy. This is why I never got into threeways ...

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jaragon said...

I might have to take that long plane ride to Australia after all