Friday, May 18, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/18)

Out: The ennui of the Instagay -- an exclusive with North Morgan on his latest novel, "Into?"

Dallas Morning News: Bombs found on campus after school shooters kills 10 near Houston

Boy Culture: GOP candidate films herself harassing trans woman in bathroom

Back2Stonewall: Revisiting John Waters's cult classic "Pink Flamingos"

Bosguy: For fellow furry-chest and lip-hair lovers

THR: "Roseanne" co-showrunner Whitney Cummings is leaving

Towleroad: Sex jokes, suggestions her uncle was gay found in newly revealed pages of Anne Frank's diary

The Washington Post: In blow to GOP, House fails to pass massive farm bill in face of conservative Republican showdown

New York Post: Former Playboy model and 7-year-old son plunge 25 stories to their deaths from Gotham Hotel penthouse; woman was said to be distraught she couldn't take child to Europe for summer

Dlisted: Prince Charles will escort Prince Hot Ginge's fish down the aisle


Blobby said...

LOLLLLLL Cummings spending more time on her touring schedule. Has anyone booked her after that disastrous HBO "comedy" special. You know - the one where no one laughed for a full hour?

The Polar Beast said...

Calling a human being a "fish" is more than disrespectful, it is demeaning. Cf: your headline on the Duchess of Sussex.

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