Wednesday, May 09, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/09)

The Daily News: People always say Roseanne Barr is the weakest part of her sitcom -- but her reactions/facial expressions were actually the funniest part of the Muslim neighbors episode!

NewNowNext: Here's why Mario Cantone isn't in "Boys in the Band"

Refinery29: NBC investigation finally explains Matt Lauer's creepy door-closing button

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: How do you feel about gratuitous shirtless warriors?

Outsports: After coming out, handsome gay professional has sights set on sports administration

The Washington Post: Linda Vester on why she revealed Tom Brokaw harassed her: His "spitefulness took me aback"

Poseidon's Underworld: Carol Burnett (circa 1971) on why she and her babies need guard dogs and electric gates to protect them -- and a hearty helping of 6-foot-5 Gardner McKay

The WoW Report: Housing is so expensive in London that guys are sleeping in gay saunas

The Randy Report: Just in time for Mother's Day -- HRC announces "Moms for Equality"

TV Line: "Younger" season 5 trailer: Is the timing finally right for Liza and Charles

Washington Blade: Lupe Valdez’s campaign for the "everyday Texan" could make LGBT history

Hot Cat of the Day: Welcome to my world, little guy!


Crystal Vision said...

Roseanne is the best part of her sitcom. She's fantastic in the role. In the early seasons of the first run, her acting was cringe-worthy at times. But she developed her skills over time and became more than a decent actress. Considering she hasn't played this part in 20 years, I think she's better than ever and, yes, her facial expressions are hilarious.

The weakest link in the reboot is Lecy Goranson (Becky).

JimmyD said...

I just can't. Days before the return of the show, she was on Kimmel and argued that trump isn't bad in comparison to pence... not really understanding that without one, we wouldn't have to deal with the other. The fights she picks on Twitter?
When she started, she WAS Roseanne Connor. Now, Roseanne Connor is played by Roseanne trump.
I know her personal antics have influenced a LOT of former fans to not watch.
Like her pal, donald, she just can't shut up.
The viewing numbers have dropped since the debut.
You watching? Good. Enjoy. I would never tell you not to or that you're wrong.

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