Tuesday, May 01, 2018

Remains of the Day (05/01)

The Sun: Gentlemen, masturbating is really good for you

NBC News: Crazy Donald doc says Trump bodyguard, lawyer 'raided' his office, took medical files

Dlisted: Behold birthday boy Jamie Dornan surrounded by four young men in Calvin Klein trunks

The Daily News: Tom Brokaw accused of making unwanted advance by third woman

‪Towleroad: Not unlike its newsfeed, Facebook’s new dating feature to offer unlimited Russian bots

Mother Jones: Trump says Mueller’s leaked questions don’t involve collusion -- actually, they do

Gr8er Days: Carol Burnett reveals why recent sitcom pilot crashed

The Washington Post: California, 17 other states sue Trump administration to defend Obama-era climate rules for vehicles

Ryan's Daughter: Madonna/Blondie musical flop story gets celebrity twist at "Desperately Seeking the Exit"

AmericaBlog: Tell Starbucks that homophobia, transphobia and anti-Semitism are bad business

Baseline: Simona Halep covers the Romanian edition of ELLE

The Gay Almanac: First transgender man to undergo phalloplasty was born on this day in 1915

Greg in Hollywood: "Angels in America" revival receives 11 Tony nominations, including nods for Andrew Garfield and Nathan Lane

Outsports: Top American pro squash player Todd Harrity comes out as gay

TV Line: Are you ready for more "Arrested Development"?

Hot Cat of the Day: Cool cash for a cool cat

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