Friday, April 06, 2018

Remains of the Day (04/06)

The Washington Post: Forty years ago, "Rock Lobster" launched the career of the B-52's -- and revived John Lennon’s

NewNowNext: Director tapped for Comedian Bo Burnham’s “Gay Kid And Fat Chick”

Tech Crunch: Facebook demands ID verification for big Pages, "issue" ad buyers

The New York Times: Why is it always women who get caught doing something wrong who get hit with the harshest penalties?

BosGuy: A few stray hairs in your teeth would totally be worth it to have your way with this guy's chest

Washington Blade: The Mississippi Supreme Court ruled on Thursday the state must recognize the non-birth mother to the child of a divorced lesbian couple for parenting rights and not an anonymous sperm donor

Metrosource: How to reclaim Pride and bring the LGBTQ community back together

OMG Blog: Those "Only Way Is Essex" boys can't keep their pants on

Daily Intel: Maryland adopts automatic voter registration over GOP governor’s objection

EW: Susan Anspach, "Five Easy Pieces" and "Blume in Love" actress, dies at 75

Boy Culture: His briefs leave very little to the imagination

The Village Voice: New video shows chaos after Saheed Vassell shooting

Hot Cat of the Day: Rick Santorum warned us about this kind of thing ...

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