Tuesday, April 03, 2018

Remains of the Day (04/03)

The Film Experience: A review of the long-overdue Grace Jones documentary, "Bloodlight and Bami"

Instagram: Hunky Ryan Harrison is contemplating a '90s goatee

The Daily News: Crazy Donald's favorite conspiracy theorist, Alex Jones, launches website just focused on attacking Parkland survivor David Hogg

The New York Times: Jones is being sued for defamation after misidentifying Parkland gunman

Boy Culture: Is that a snake crammed in those long johns? 

New York Post: Artists make pennies on the stream as Spotify's IPO opens at $165.90/share, valuing the company at about $29.55 billion

YouTube: Matt Wilkas as a depressed, desperate, drugged-out Insta-famous scene queen

The Washington Post: Justice official authorized Mueller to investigate whether Trump campaign chair colluded with Russia

Greg in Hollywood: Max Evans makes a compelling case for manspreading

Mother Jones: 17 states sue the Trump administration over census citizenship question

Towleroad: Gay WeHo City Council candidate shares sex photos, videos in "transparency" effort

Dlisted: Channing Tatum and his boring wife have split up after nearly nine years of marriage 

Vice: Candid photos of New York's radical women of the '70s and '80s

Talking Points Memo: Judge hands down 30-day jail sentence for hot Dutch lawyer who lied to Mueller

CNBC: Mentally ill man occupying White House has "solution" to yet another problem that doesn't exist

OMG Blog: Jean-Emmanuel Pagni does full-front in "Craspec"

PinkNews: Trump-backing political candidate in Arkansas caught ranting about "disgusting fags"

The Randy Report: Sexy Nyle DiMarco teaches curse words in ASL

TV Line: The CW renews 10(!!) series, including "The Flash"

The Village Voice: Honoring the impeccable cool of Stephane Audran

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: Some men just look better wet

The WoW Report: It's Princess Meghan's long-lost Tostitos commercial

Savage Love: Can I still claim platinum gay status if I had sex with a trans guy?

Outsports: 11 out LGBT athletes compete in Australia's Commonwealth Games

Hot Cat of the Day: Watched the film adaptation of my pal Robert Rodi's novel "Kept Boy" over the weekend. It seems like it could have been a lot better -- who knew following the ins and outs of living with a sugar daddy could be so hard to follow? -- but one good thing did come out of it. I discovered Greg Audino, who plays the "other boy" (Jasper) -- and cradles a cat in a way that makes me know he's my kind of guy.

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jaragon said...

The Flash really needs to have sex with Green Arrow...

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