Thursday, March 22, 2018

What Ever Happened to Carrie Bradshaw's Bi Boyfriend?

The "bisexual" episode of "Sex and the City" came on the other night -- "Boy, Girl, Boy, Girl ...," featuring one Alanis Morissette -- and Damian and I immediately got to wondering what Carrie's bi boy (Sean) looked like all grown up. While digging around I discovered Eddie Cahill had also been on "Friends" and that he's been on all 197 episodes of "CSI: NY" (huh?). OK, so maybe this isn't news to many of you. But I was happy to see that these days he's a 40-year-old SILVER FOX.

Chain-smoker Carrie even smoked on the ice -- and I had an overwhelming desire to punch her

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Deep Dish said...

Handsome guy - I liked him on the CBS summer series, "Under the Dome" (2014-15).

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