Wednesday, March 14, 2018

NYT Calls Pennsylvania House Seat for Conor Lamb, Giving Democrats a Map for Trump Country

The Gray Lady reports that Conor Lamb, a Democrat and former Marine, scored a razor-thin but extraordinary upset in a special House election in southwestern Pennsylvania after a few thousand absentee ballots delivered Democrats a win in the heart of Crazy Donald's Rust Belt base. The victory still may be contested, but Lamb’s 627-vote lead Wednesday afternoon appeared insurmountable, given that the four counties in Pennsylvania’s 18th district have about 500 provisional, military and other absentee ballots left to count, county election officials said.

This is obviously encouraging news for Democrats. But let us not forget what set this chain of events into motion, an almost cartoonish reminder of why we must always vote ...

From HERE.

It's right up there with THIS! Is she teaching how to do it -- she learned from the master.

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