Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/28)

OMG Blog: There's an alleged Tom Daley dick pic floating around Tumblr

Die Alone With Me: Are you single because you ate an entire bag of Chicas Corn Chips and a tub of cream cheese while watching "Difficult People"?

Into: Las Vegas trans bar was target of shooting over weekend that left two injured

NPR: Dick's Sporting Goods ends sale of assault-style rifles, citing Florida shooting

Gus Kenworthy: I've never loved Dick's more

The New York Times: Julius Lester, chronicler of black America, is dead at 78

Pink News: Adam Rippon reads some of his fan mail

The Randy Report: City Council in Mississippi denies Pride parade permit with no reason given

The Atlantic: The opinion writer hired and fired by The New York Times in a matter of hours says the internet created a "bizarro version" of herself (she still looks insane!)

Daily Intelligencer: Sexting brings down GOP frontrunner in Arizona's special congressional election

The Gay Almanac: "Take Me Out" premiered on Broadway 16 years ago

Gr8er Days: Move over, Simpsons: Archie Bunker predicted Crazy Donald's absurd gun "solution" back in 1972

The WoW Report: It's Funny of Die's new sexual-harassment game: "Guess Who? #MeToo"

Outsports: 2 gay Olympians, 2 coaches came out to Adam Rippon and Gus Kenworthy

Washington Blade: Dolly Parton is happy to be "the book lady"

Hot Cat of the Day: Bossy little critter, huh?


JimmyD said...

I love 'Taboo!' Rosie fucked it up for NY.
She saw it in London and said, "I LOVE IT! I'll bring it to NY! However! Nobody in America knows who Leigh Bowery is so I'll have it rewritten to highlight Boy George!" Seeing how it was written about Bowery...
And... the rest is Broadway flop history. She didn't love it that much... she didn't trust the successful show she saw and "loved".
Luckily, both albums, UK and US are good/great!

jaragon said...

"Take Me Out" should have been a movie by now