Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/20)

Theatre Row: "Afterglow" extended through Pride

The Daily News: Parents who went on "Dr. Phil" after adoptive daughter went missing charged with first-degree murder

Detroit Free Press: Mother who killed family in murder-suicide was shunned by Jehovah's Witnesses after leaving the religion

Towleroad: Now we know what kind of underwear Gus Kenworthy wears

OMG Blog: Homophobic Russian ad warns gays will infiltrate your life if you don't vote

The Randy Report: On-again, off-again Trump-Romney bromance is back on

The AIDS Memorial: Remembering the late figure skater Robert Wagenhoffer

Baseline: Serena Williams surprises girls at screening of "Black Panther"

New York Post: Trump says he would never be stupid enough to sexually assault a woman in public(!)

Outsports: Sexy diver came out as gay to two Big 10 schools in two years

PinkNews: Dating site for Trump fans featured a convicted pedophile on its homepage

TV Line: Can we all agree the wrong couple won the ice dancing gold medal last night?

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Hot Cat of the Day: No, siree!


The Polar Beast said...

Kenneth, They are called briefs for a reason. Get it?

jaragon said...

Cats are crazy ( Yes I have one!)

barryearle said...

I don't think the wrong couple won the gold. Meanwhile, I think the whole affair of who is the best is all about hair splitting and a waste of time. They all skated marvelously!

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