Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Remains of the Day (02/13)

New York Post: Can't say I'm surprised a heated exchange, complete with an allegation of racism, occurred between these two; Young has an enormous chip on his shoulder, and Harrison has shown he has Sandgren-lite tendencies


Deadspin: I'm on Team Young here; what Harrison is alleged to have said sounds completely in keeping with his past remarks -- and the saddest thing is I can guarantee you he doesn't even see what's wrong with it, à la Lleyton Hewitt 2001

Dlisted: Kim Cattrall may hate Sarah Jessica Parker, but she's still good with Cynthia Nixon

Gr8ter Days: John Gavin, star of "Spartacus" and "Psycho" dies at 86 plus Legendary singer Vic Damone is dead at 89

Deep Dish: Be my tighty-whitey Valentine

Yahoo Sports: New York Times writer ignites controversy with tweet calling Mirai Nagasu an "immigrant" plus American Chloe Kim, 17, becomes youngest woman to win an Olympic snowboarding medal -- a gold one!

Metrosource: Who's cheating? If it's not you, it's probably him

Innocent Words: Revisiting Belly's brilliant sophomore album, "King," on its releasiversary 

The Washington Post: FBI director contradicts White House account on background investigation of aide accused of spousal abuse

NBC News: Chelsea bomber sentenced to multiple terms of life in prison for terror attack

BosGuy: My heart goes out to all the mortified women receiving Vermont Teddy Bears in the next 48 hours; gays have the right idea

Boy Culture: Check out gay daddy entrepreneur Chris Gernon's TED Talk regarding his company's take on how to create empathy through the use of virtual reality

HuffPost: Adam Rippon talks eating disorders, life as a starving figure skater

Patch: Get ready for fist fights, mutinies and some very long waits at these NYC post offices

Hunk du Jour: Showering with Adrian Bellani

The Village Voice: Top 10 movies by year, 1999-2016

Sports Illustrated: Aly Raisman poses nude, covered in messages of empowerment

The Randy Report: Britney Spears to be honored with Vanguard Award at Los Angeles GLAAD Media Awards

The New York Times: A doctor took PrEP, then he couldn't get disability insurance

Greg in Hollywood: Van Hansis and Tyler Hanes, together for 10 years, get togetehr for sizzling photo shoot and interview

Towleroad: Education Department will ignore discrimination complaints from transgender students

Curbed: What $4,100 rents in NYC right now

The WoW Report: Pennsylvania pastor caught in parked car in with bound naked man

OMG Blog: Adrian Escobar bares all in "Nuo Lietuvos nepabegsi"

New York Post: Woman told cops God allowed her to drive 120 mph

Hot Cat of the Day: Leave me alone -- I'm on break!


Rian G. said...

I read on Twitter that Ryan Harrison supposedly tweeted something nasty toward Serena Williams because of her "c'mon" shouts as she was mounting a comeback against McHale.

Dre said...

If you look at what Ryan Harrison likes and follows on his twitter page you can somehow believe he said those kinds of things. Its just sad as a young man that he feels this way about people.

Rian G. said...

Oh, good point, gonna go check that out.