Tuesday, February 27, 2018

Jensen-Lewis Closing Up Shop in Chelsea After More Than 2 Decades

Jensen-Lewis, the contemporary furniture store that has been a fixture in my neighborhood for decades, just announced that it is closing up its Chelsea showroom. I can remember going there with various friends, potential and actual boyfriends over the years, fantasizing about which pieces we'd buy if we ever had apartments big enough to accommodate their "grown-up" wares. Not even sure how to contextualize this. Chelsea has become a bit of a furniture destination in the 20 years I have lived here. But rising rents -- as I've pointed out time and time again -- have been pushing businesses out. Still, it wasn't that long ago that Jensen expanded into the space just to its north -- and now they're preparing for a consolidation sale. Seems sad now, but might be even more depressing depending on what takes up occupancy in this block-long space.  

The company's website suggests the Upper East Side location will remain open.

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jaragon said...

My favorite Barnes and Nobles on 8th street has been closed for year yet the space remains empty- I wonder what astronomical rent they are asking ? Manhattan will soon resemble a ghost town of empty retail spaces