Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Remains of the Day (01/16)

Los Angeles Times: The second college kid Blaze Bernstein went missing in a park I was waiting for a gay angle -- and I'm disgusted to hear that it's this (let me guess, the suspect's "girlfriend" lives in Canada?)

Dlisted: Maybe Timothee Chalamet should donate his Woody Allen film pay to fund a Mia Farrow Children Survivors Network instead

This Mortal Coil: Mia Farrow is said to have gotten the idea about a father molesting his daughter in an attic from a song written by Dory Previn, whose husband impregnated Mia with twins in 1969, causing Dory to have a psychiatric breakdown and shock therapy

UnPresidented: Let's talk about sh*thole Congress and Trump's porn collection

The Film Experience: Revisiting the Madonna bomb "Body of Evidence" at 25

Boy Culture: Dr. Mathilde Krim, founding chair of amfAR, the Foundation for AIDS Research, dies at 91

BosGuy: He has what what I like to call the "pornstar next door" look

Homorazzi: "Love, Simon" debuts adorable new trailer and first soundtrack single

Daily Intelligencer: Donald's Homeland Security secretary not sure if most Norwegians are white

Towleroad: Oh, those underwear-clad Russian cadets

The Washington Post: What I've been saying for over a year -- Republicans think "negative" but accurate stories qualify as "fake news"

The AV Club: Steve Bannon’s been subpoenaed in the Mueller investigation

Gr8er Days: New single, album and "ambitious" tour for David Byrne

Poseidon's Underwood: Flip through the pages of an early '60s issue of Screen Album magazine

PinkNews: Study finds Grindr is making its users sad

Matthew's Island of Misfit Toys: So sexy I couldn't save it for Speedo Sunday

JoeMyGod: Republican lawmakers call for GOP governor to resign over revenge porn blackmail allegations in Missouri

Savage Love: A bottom has lots of questions about his hairy hole

NewNowNext: Bette Davis was not a monster, says longtime assistant ... just don't ask her to make macaroni and cheese

Tennis Life: I'm in luck -- Djokovic, Wawrinka make successful returns

The Randy Report: Don't click if you're not a fan of hairy musclemen in plaid shorts

HuffPost: Donald's administration tells transgender kids that it won't deal with their civil rights complaints

Newsweek: Conservative group calls for boycott of Scholastic's "George," a new book about transgender child

The New York Times: Aziz Ansari is guilty ... of not being a mind reader

The Guardian: The poorly reported Aziz Ansari exposé was a missed opportunity

TVLine: Ashleigh Banfield rips Aziz Ansari accuser, calls allegations "reckless and hollow"

Hot Cat of the Day: Thinking of hijacking Back2Stonewall so I can post nothing but Baby Thor pics all day!


JimmyD said...

Shouldn't Boy Culture be celebrating 25 years since 'Body of Evidence'??

jaragon said...

Ever since I saw the photo of the good looking jock suspect I had the same feeling about that poor kids death.