Friday, January 19, 2018

Oly Shit!

I'm glad I have friends like Chad:
This skeleton Olympiad just showed up on "Top Chef" for an Olympic tie-in episode. And they showed this photo of him. I immediately Googled it of course. Wowza!
His name is John Daly and you can see what he looks like half-dressed HERE.


jaragon said...

Too bad the Winter Olympics can not take place in the nude

Stephen said...

The oversized bling cross necklace ruins it all. Ugh!

JimmyD said...

Pritty pritty :)

dogdadny said...

Did your friend Chad also tell you about the chef who won the episode? Mustache Joe? He's the cub on the Bear team and has just about the best pornstash of any man who didn't do 70's gay porn.

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