Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Diane Keaton Stands by Woody Allen

It's nice to see not everyone in Hollywood has been shamed into disowning Woody Allen based on claims that were found to be "baseless" by two separate investigations more than 25 years ago. Obviously Diane Keaton can see that Mia Farrow is a vindictive nut who would say and do anything to get back at Woody Allen for his cruel and humiliating betrayal, even at the expense of her own daughter. Perhaps Ronan Farrow should "investigate" why two of Mia's adopted children mysteriously committed suicide, one died from dirty needles, and two are permanently estranged. None of us know everything about this family, but one thing is for sure: This woman is not the saint she wants you to think she is.

Cherry Jones, the Tony- and Emmy-winning actress who appears in Allen's “Rainy Day in New York,” had this to say when asked how she felt about the director and whether she would work with him again. “There are those who are comfortable in their certainty. I am not. I don’t know the truth,” she told The New York Times. “When we condemn by instinct our democracy is on a slippery slope.”

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jaragon said...

I'm on team Woody