Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Remains of the Day (01/30)

The Randy Report: Nicole Eggert on Scott Baio: He penetrated me with his finger when I was 14

Back2Stonewall: Gay conversion therapy drama wins grand jury prize at Sundance

Outsports: Mary Carillo explores Court’s legacy with Billie Jean King, Martina Navratilova and her church

SkyNews: The other side of the Woody Allen story

OMG Blog: MTV's "Ex on a Beach" star James Moore bares all

JoeMyGod: Far-right troll Mike Cernovich bids $500,000 for Gawker

CNBC: Donald reportedly wants Sessions to prosecute Mueller

Towleroad: Is Devin Nunes a Russian agent?

The Daily News: Man accused of raping college student says she wasn't asleep, grilled on his calls to escorts before alleged attack

AmericaBlog: House GOP declares war on the FBI

NewNowNext: San Francisco's oldest gay bar closes after 108 years

New York Post: Wife allegedly posted sex ad for husband's mistress on Craigslist

PinkNews: Northern Ireland's DUP meet with marriage campaigners but will continue to block equality

The WoW Report: Macaulay Culkin talks "Party Monster," Donald's "Home Alone 2" cameo, drug use and more

Greg in Hollywood: Michelle Obama and Jennifer Aniston are among the guests on Ellen's 60th birthday show

The Washington Post: Hawaii's false missile alert sent by worker believing attack on U.S. was imminent

Tennis Life: Stanford moves to San Jose for 2018

The New Yorker: The agonizingly slow downfall of K.T. McFarland

Vox: There's a second Trump-Russia dossier (conservatives aren't going to like this)

The Gay Almanac: Gay couple whose marriage was recognized by Russia flee after receiving death threats

Hot Cat of the Day: I love a chatty catty!

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jaragon said...

If you are going to hire Chris Pratt for anything make sure he is shirtless (even though I thought he was sexier in his beefier Andy from "Parks and Recreation)