Tuesday, December 05, 2017

Song of the Day: 'After All' by Cher and Peter Cetera

I was living in Washington when they started filming "Chances Are" -- signs were up blocking off streets around Georgetown to accommodate the shoot. While this song seemed awfully schmaltzy at the time, it definitely makes me happy to hear it now, especially after finding a film scout's blog entry about the film: 

Paolo's Ristorante on Wisconsin Avenue in Georgetown, where my old boyfriend Rafael and I celebrated one of our anniversaries

Here's Philip (Ryan O'Neal) walking on P Street Northwest

And this is now-demolished Washington Post building, where my brother Bill worked forever and Alex (Robert Downey Jr.) tried to get a job


Peter Maria said...

Song is called "After All", not "Chances Are" (name of the movie). Your embedded video shows that, but your post title is wrong. Just in case you wanted to fix it.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

Oops, thanks!

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