Monday, December 18, 2017

Remains of the Day (12/18)

Dlisted: One of Sarah Palin's hot sons beat up his hot dad

JoeMyGod9th Circuit Judge Alex Kozinski steps down after accusations of sexual misconduct

The Washington Post: A food critic ranks America's top 10 chain restaurants

The Gay Almanc: Another bakery case testing LGBT rights heads to Supreme Court -- this time in Britain

The Film Experience: 38 days till Oscar nominations -- 1938 favorites?

Die Alone With Me: Holiday gift ideas for dying alone

Brooklyn Vegan: Gene Simmons denies sexual misconduct allegations after being hit with lawsuit

Boy Culture: Hottest man to ever use public transportation?

Greg in Hollywood: Tig Notaro says it's a "huge relief" Louis C.K. was "removed" from comedy industry

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria: A review of James Han Mattson's novel "The Lost Prayers of Ricky Graves"

The Daily News: Amber Tamblyn slams Rose McGowan for Golden Globes tweet: "This is beneath you"

Las Vegas Review-Journal: Nevada Democrat facing harassment accusations will not seek re-election

The New York Times: E.P.A. employees spoke out -- then came scrutiny of their email

OMG Blog: Italian actor and model Matteo Martari shows off his low-hangers

Seattle Times: 3 killed, dozens injured after Amtrak train derails in Washington state

Page Six: Here’s what Ralphie from "A Christmas Story" is doing today

Back2Stonewall: GOP Senate candidate E.W. Jackson says it's OK to call gay people "perverted" because homosexuality "poisons culture"

Jeremiah's Vanishing New York: An effort is under way to save the Lincoln Plaza Cinemas, the art house movie theater that opened in 1981

Oh La La: Behold Brian Kaminsky naked in a motel

AV Club: Blondie jams with The Archies in this exclusive first look

Savage Love; On dating -- and dumping -- someone with depression

Gay Star News: Masked man walks into LGBT center in D.C. and launches pepper-spray attack

Towleroad: Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper reveal who's kinkier in bed

ACLU: The legal org responds to Trump administration's attempts to delay enlistment of transgender service members 

Hot Cat of the Day: Gotta keep that coat fluffy 'n' fresh!

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