Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Remains of the Day (11/14)

Bammer47: Another look at the boys of HotLanta 1992

The New York Times: People close to the White House think Sessions might try to get Trump not to fire him by opening an investigation into Hillary Clinton

The Washington Post: Hate crimes in the U.S. increased last year, the FBI says

D-Listed: A streaker delivered two things that football needs more of -- bare peen and man ass

The Daily News: So many questions, Miss Ross, and so few answers

The Wall Street Journal: The fanny pack has returned -- now cheer ... or cringe

Towleroad: This furry guy might be able to give up masturbation for a month for No Nut November -- but would men be able to resist milking him dry?

The Associated Press: Study suggests rise in teen suicide connected to social-media popularity

CNN: Donald Trump Jr. said he didn't correspond with Wikileaks (he did)

The Guardian: The Bananarama "original lineup" tour is getting rave reviews

Page Six: Book claims Richard Avendon had a "decades-long" affair with Mike Nichols

Back2Stonewall: The Mattachine Society held its first meeting in Los Angeles in November 1950

Boy Culture: Liz Smith writer Denis Ferrara remember her life in full

Kitty of the Day: This little guy should take this show on the road!

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