Friday, November 17, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (11/17)

The Daily News: Sounds like Stallone's encounter was consensual -- until it wasn't. And as for Franken: I agree with Matt
People calling Franken's accuser a whore, etc. — she is clearly a partisan, but her reaction is laudable, accepting his apology. And not asking him to step down. Thinking Franken needs to step down over this is absurd. I'm sure any investigation would not result in that either. The ONLY game-changer is if more women come forward, establishing that it wasn't an unfortunate joke, and that the unwelcome kiss wasn't indicative of a pattern. But in this case, his own apology and call for an investigation into his own behavior suggests he feels confident he ain't Bill Cosby. We'll see. But liberals need to learn to calibrate our responses, Jesus Christ. Misbehavior is not horrible behavior is not illegal behavior is not "quit and never work again and die outside the city wall." There are degrees.

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