Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Tennis Tuesday

Damian and I recently finished off our beloved "Red Oaks" on Amazon Prime, which went out with a tennis bang featuring Jon Rudnitsky ("Saturday Night Live") as a pro at a competing club. (The scene was set to "Destination Unknown" by Missing Persons!) Although I'm biased given that the show is set in a racket club in the 1980s, I really think it's a sweet slice of life that anyone would enjoy. Craig Roberts is adorable as wannabe filmmaker David Meyers, a rare likable TV show protagonist. And Ennis Esmer and Oliver Cooper take characters that could have easily been annoying and over the top -- a playboy schlub of a tennis pro and a brainy stoner with a heart of gold -- and make them human beings you actually root for. Add in a great supporting cast including Richard Kind and Jennifer Grey as David's parents with their own midlife issues and Alexandra Turshen and Alexandra Socha as love interests and you've got the best half-hour show I've seen in years. A dozen more hot shots of Mr. Rudnitsky HERE.


Unknown said...

D___ you, Walsh!

You made me watch a whole season of Red Oaks in 2 sittings.

Oddly, I'd had a coupla cocktails and accidentally watched Season 3, thinking it was Season 1.

Worked for me. So, should I go back to Seasons 1 & 2, or am I good to go?

Anyway, thanks for the recommendation.

Kenneth M. Walsh said...

@John Cahill: LOL! I'd watch it all, but I'm a tennis/'80s queen!