Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Sorry, Wrong Number

Something just happened at work that has never happened in my 29 years in a newsroom.

At the suggestion of another colleague, I called an editor (who I was told might be knowledgeable/helpful) to check on something in a story I was editing.

She answered the phone and I introduced myself, saying: "Hi, [redacted]. It's Kenneth Walsh on the Real-Time Desk."

Her reply? "And you're calling me becaaaaaauuuuuussse????????" in full David Spade character mode.

I was so stunned I could barely speak, eventually mustering up a "never mind" and hanging up the phone. I wouldn't talk that way to someone mugging me.


Patrick said...

I don't get it. Why were you stunned?

Dave in Texas said...

I have to make a lot of calls to vendors for my clothing store. When they answer the phone I always say “Hi it’s Dave with (name of store and city we are in)”. Instead of being greeted with a “hello” or “how can I help you?”, it’s usually just silence which leaves a long awkward pause. I usually just continue with “so anyway...” and continue with why I am calling. I would almost rather get the response you got!

Unknown said...

Why would you redact her name? Seriously.