Thursday, October 19, 2017

Song of the Day: 'You've Really Got Something' by Bananarama

Do you have a favorite post-Siobhan Bananarama album? "Pop Life" certainly has its charms -- it somehow manages to capture the early '90s without sounding a tad bit dated (and "Ain't No Cure" is my favorite non-Siobhan track of all time) -- and then there's the duo years. "Exotica" kind of didn't count, although it sounds better now than when I first got my hands on the French-only import. (Remember all the demos from that on the Internet that were better than the finished product?) "Please Yourself" has also grown on me over the years -- the songs kind of all sounded the same to me at first -- while "Viva" is probably the one I've listened to the least. I remember it's a very polished and fun album, but the production makes it hard to even recognize it's Bananarama. (Maybe time to revisit?) "Drama" is probably the obvious pick for best duo album -- it was a real return to form and even had hit singles. But for my money, "Ultra Violet" is still my favorite of them all. Not sure if it's because my friend Greg got it for me as a Christmas present when I visited him at his cute little apartment in Lincoln, Neb., or if deep down I'm just a Euro-NRG dance music queen. But more than 20 years later I still get a thrill from every track on this album.

This song reminds me of something you'd hear at the L.A. club Probe.

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Dennis Haney said...

From the same album, Every Shade of Blue is my favorite post-Siobahn song. Saw the three of them perform together on the Graham Norton show a couple of weeks ago and they sounded great.

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