Thursday, October 12, 2017

Song of the Day: 'Ready or Not' by Bananarama

Felt like a 16-year-old boy again yesterday getting up early to buy tickets to see Bananarama in February at the Playstation Theater! My Arizona-childhood best friend, Greg, is flying in for the show -- I think our biggest fight as kids was when I got the import of their second album that included a poster before he did! -- and I can hardly believe it's happening. The World Tour in 1989 featuring fourth banana Jacquie O'Sullivan. And the time I saw them a few years ago in NYC they had long been a duo. But this time it's the real deal -- and ready or not, I'm coming!

The band says the set list will be from the Siobhan years, which were obviously their most successful. But in addition to the plethora of hit singles from that period, songs I'd love to hear include "What a Shambles," "King of the Jungle," "Ready or Not" and "Some Girls." 

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