Monday, October 02, 2017

Shooting in Las Vegas Leaves at Least 58 Dead; More Than 500 Hurt

My heart is broken for everyone affected by the shooting last night near the Mandalay Bay casino in Las Vegas. When I went to bed, the death toll was two so I was relieved it hadn't been worse, something we're forced to say in these horrific situations. I was horrified when I woke and saw the full gravity of the situation. 

But this country is run by the gun lobby -- and people who think the Second Amendment is more sacrosanct than life itself. So to borrow a phrase from my dear mother, Molly: What are you gonna do? [Sigh.]


Even the shooter's brother wants to know "where the hell did he get automatic weapons?"

I'm not one of those lefties obsessed with calling people like this a terrorist -- he definitely terrorized people, but I think a stated political agenda/affiliation is what constitutes an actual terrorist. But I completely agree that these straight white male (Christian) criminals are given the white-privilege treatment by the police and the media, even in the most liberal outlets.

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