Friday, October 27, 2017

Remains of the Day (10/27)

Kitties of the Day: 

Brent writes:
These are my cats Screamer, right, and Squeak. They were street cats in Islamabad, Pakistan, that I took in when I worked there about 5 years ago. Now they are living the good life in Washington, D.C.!
I'm a sucker for fangs and a mask -- I want 'em both!

(Send cat nominees HERE.)


Brent said...

Thanks for posting my kitties!!! - Brent

northalabama said...

"What's sexier, his hairy face or his hairy ass?"


jaragon said...

Mr Bolton- who already has a gay porn star name - seems to be auditioning for Falcon

jaragon said...

Hairy ass wins!

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