Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Remains of the Day (10/25)

Confessions of a Boy Toy: The DILFs of Disneyland are back

Boy Culture: Are there men who flunked potty training?

D-Listed: Kim Cattrall still has a lot to say about "Sex and the City"

Towleroad: Watch an incredible Freddie Mercury sculpture take shape, while the rest of us wonder why Zachary Quinto wasn't cast as the King of Queen!

JoeMyGod: Michael Bloomberg says Brexit was the single stupidest thing any country did ... until Trump's election

OMG Blog: Jimmy Kimmel wants you to guess if these hot L.A. men are shirtless

Gr8erdays: "Blueberry Hill" rocker Fats Domino Dies at 89

Die Alone With Me: The view in Sydney looks awfully good

Outsports: Sexy Florida State diver finds his niche as an out and successful athlete

The Wall Street Journal: Coke Zero Sugar helps Coca-Cola hold on to soda drinkers

The WoW Report: These vintage pics from the National Gay & Lesbian Archives will take you back

Back2Stonewall: Are you ready for the 1976 Paul Lynde Halloween special?

MTV: "Catfish" is casting for Season 6

The New York Times: Cat declawing ban in Denver would be first outside California

Kitty of the Day: Watch this little cutie go for a ride HERE!

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Danny in WeHo said...

Thank you, Kenneth!! I love a shout out, but I love an excuse to go back to Disneyland even more!!

mike/ said...

I really like this “Remains of the Day” entry you’re doing! It’s not only fun but really filled with a wealth of all sorts of things. Thank you! 👍

Bill Carter said...

Really like this new feature, but, damn, it must be a lot of work to put together!

The 1975 beach picture made me a little sad, thinking about what happened to those beautiful young men in the years that followed. I only recently learned the details of the unhappy life of the stunningly beautiful Scott Madsen after his time as the Soloflex Boy in the 1980s.

No happy endings.

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