Friday, September 08, 2017

Ladies' Night (Oh, What a Night!)

Hard to put into words how thrilled I am with the outcome of the women's semifinals at the U.S. Open. I would have been happy for Venus Williams to play in her third major final this year. But as the third set wore on, I began to really love the idea of a resurgent Sloane Stevens reaching her first Grand Slam final -- and reach it she did! (Her poise and grace under pressure against Venus's relentless power was a sight to behold.) I was 100% invested, however, in Madison Keys winning -- CoCo Vandeweghe's on-court antics combined with what a dumb jock she revealed herself to be last year when she tried to talk politics with fellow player Nicole Gibbs on Twitter was enough to permanently sour me on her -- and what an impressive display she put on in doing just that. (Bonus points for making CoCo look like a total asshole!) Best part of all? My friend Todd gave me four free tickets to the final, so Damian and I are taking his mom and sister Gabby and it won't be some off-brand matchup. We're all going to see a young American we love win her first major!

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macguffin Fifty four said...

Free tickets to the US Open final? Must be nice.

I like that Coco is a tough girl, but her politics are offensively naive with privilege and entitlement (reminds me of Caitlyn Jenner). But I don't like Sloane Stephens, either. She is not a good public speaker and comes off brain dead. Hard to root for her. Heartbroken about Venus, but she has done well all year and Sloane was the better (smarter) player from what I saw. Love that Madison is finally consistently playing the game we know she can play. She's my pick and hope to win.

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