Tuesday, January 24, 2017

A Hall of Famer Reunion Down Under

I know I've been silent about the Australian Open -- probably because my jaw's been on the floor the past week! -- but didn't want to miss sharing these photos Martina Hingis posted of all of the International Tennis Hall of Fame members who were in the house. (Rosie Casals in the pink pants is my fave!) 

Real quick: I still root for Novak Djokovic, but now that he's hired a "shaman" to solve his marital problems, something tells me his career is only going to get worse before it gets better, assuming it ever does. (Ask Brian Wilson!) It was fun to see Mischa Zverev go all Roscoe Tanner on Andy Murray, but a relief that Roger Federer finally put an end to his run. I'm thoroughly impressed by CoCo Vandewegh's play but am permanently turned off by her after reading a political exchange she had with the gracious Nicole Gibbs on Twitter, where CoCo comes across as an overgrown toddler.

If I had my druthers, I would LOVE for Venus to take home the crown. That she's 36 and in another Slam semifinal is quite an accomplishment, but I'm greedy and want more. Also happy Pliskova has kept her mojo going, and that Mariana Lucic is having another great tournament, which she likes to do every decade or so when she's not being abused by horrible men. Would love for Konta to finish Serena off -- I'm still protective of Steffi -- but would not be at all surprised if she hit No. 23. With Murray and Djokovic out it's definitely a golden opportunity for the golden oldies (Nadal, Federer) to grab one more. And in some ways Stan is kind of the favorite now. But if Raonic or Dimitrov were to finally enter that elite club, it wouldn't bother me that much. 

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