Monday, September 25, 2017

Go-Go's, Grateful Dead and Jimmy Buffet Musicals Headed to Broadway

Rolling Stone looks at three new musicals headed to the Great White Way, including "Head Over Heels," which (for better or worse) does not tell the rise and fall of the first all-girl band to top the Billboard albums chart:
Christine Russell, one of the producers of the hit Carole King Broadway musical "Beautiful," remembers her first reaction when she was pitched on a new pop-oriented production. The show is based on "The Countess of Pembroke's Arcadia," a 16th-century tale of mistaken identity and jealous lovers that was later turned into a play, "The Arcadia." The twist of the show, starting with its name, "Head Over Heels," is its score: It's entirely set to songs by the Go-Go's.  
"I thought, 'Huh, really?'" Russell says. "I asked [Go-Go's guitarist] Charlotte Caffey about it and that it seemed so left field, and she said, 'That's why we like it – it's weird and off the wall, just like our band.'"

Read what Kathy Valentine, who penned many of the songs used in the production including the title track, had to say about it HERE.

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