Thursday, September 14, 2017

Shady Admission

As I've written before, I was the rare (gay) casual fan of "The Golden Girls." I remember being really excited when it premiered my freshman year in college -- I was a huge "Maude" fan, and always loved Betty White -- but it definitely never became one of my must-see shows the way "Family Ties" and "Kate and Allie" did for a while. (I remember Rue McClanahan showing up at the GLAAD Awards one year and screaming "Vivian!" while everyone else yelled "Blanche!" My 1970s sitcom devotion ran deep, so it was hard to accept them as other people.) Over time, of course, it became a gay classic. But even then, I never got hooked on the reruns (someone's making a killing of its syndication!), so cannot tell you the plot of a single episode and have probably not even seen quite a few of them. 

Rose places an order at Coco's

Cut to two nights ago when Damian mentioned that the entire run is now on Hulu -- and we watched the pilot. The only character that struck me as not being fully formed was Rose, who was slightly different in the same way Chrissy Snow and Karen Walker were in the beginning. (Correct me if I'm wrong.) I remember reading that the gay chef character, Coco, had been axed because Estelle Getty's character had tested so well, so was added as a full-time cast member. (The producers didn't want too many cooks in the kitchen, so to speak.) So now that Damian and I are done with "Six Feet Under," I think we're going to watch "The Golden Girls" from start to finish -- god help me if "Golden Palace" is included! 

And what better way to rediscover this series than with Boy Culture's write-up about the best gay episodes they ever did, which you can read HERE.

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