Saturday, September 23, 2017

A Little Slice of Kevin

Ran into my pal Kevin Sessums a couple of weekends ago in Chelsea, while he was in town from San Francisco, busily working on the launch of his new online magazine. I first met Kevin when he recognized me at a Starbucks in Chelsea and kindly introduced himself. (I believe he was writing theater reviews for Towleroad at the time, so I instantly knew who he was.) Then I really got to know him when my brother Bill bought me "Mississippi Sissy" for Christmas a decade ago -- I had read some of Kevin's Vanity Fair stories, but the book was a whole other thing -- and have been a fan ever since. Kevin's new online magazine is now up and running -- chock full of interesting content building on his wildly popular Facebook feed. Do yourself a favor and check out sessumsmagazine(dot)com now HERE.

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