Friday, September 29, 2017

5 Things About 'Will & Grace' 2.0

Did you watch "Will & Grace" last night? I thought it was a pretty seamless return -- Karen's "dream" was a fun nod to shows that have tried to rewrite their misguided history past, and I laughed out loud a couple of times, which bodes well for the future. Here are few thoughts:

1. The Trump stuff was well done, but I sure hope they got a big chunk of it out of their systems. The original run used to stick in little jabs at W and Cheney, but never built entire plots around the White House. I don't find what Trump & Co. are doing to people -- particularly of the LGBT ilk -- amusing, so I hope they use it sparingly.

2. Heard some snarky comments about how "old" everyone looked. (I think someone called Sean Hayes "Droopy Dog"?) I've often wondered what stars would look like if they just tried aging normally but then am reminded that the public expects actors not to -- even if they wind up with that Real Housewife look. (I thought they all looked fine, by the way.)

3. I love what they've done with the place(s). Go on a tour of all of the updated sets -- "The most important thing is just making it look like 12 years have passed" -- with Architectural Digest HERE.

4. My pal Brian Moylan ranked the post-"Will & Grace" careers of the actors for Vulture HERE. (If Shelley Morrison is still shoplifting, I'm guessing she's done the best financially.)

5. I'm SO GLAD Grace is divorcing Leo. He was not funny and ruined so much of the original series. Of course, the attempt at adding a new character this time -- Grace's assistant -- fell equally flat. Maybe the show is like a clique that we all think we're a part of and just don't want to let in anyone new.


Owner David Cooley's viewing party at The Abbey in West Hollywood sure looked fun!


Unknown said...

I liked Leo as a character and kinda liked the Will/Leo chemistry/antagonism, but don’t think they knew what to do with him (and to be fair, Will and Grace in relationships is boring—I liked Vince, too, but not with Will—and I don’t think they knew what to do with him either after a couple of episodes.) I especially didn’t like Grace when she was with Leo (I prefer fun, quirky Grace from the early seasons to the entitled, rude, and meaner Grace from the later seasons). And I agree with your comments about the criticism of how they look. It’s ten years later, so they look ten years older... and?

Chris H said...

I was a excited but hesitant about the show myself, but I thought it was pretty enjoyable, perhaps it leaned a lot on one liners (and legit spit takes) but it has me hopeful to see where they'll be taking the show. I am also pretty meh on this intern, I get what they were trying to go for but he really didn't come off genuine or funny, just like bad acting. Still cute though.

We shall see how the next episode goes then :)

Mike in Asheville said...

Re: Aging: Perhaps you should do a retrospective of your own posts over the years of your Blog (I've been a reader since 06) regarding aging and looks/body. A decade ago you too wrote some cringe worthy posts with clever pun-filled headlines of older (now your age and that of Will/Jack) guys and our "dad" bodies. I believe I commented a few times about not very nice comments that really had no business in the post.

It is really only those who are kicking and screaming in their fight against turning 30 (happens again at turning 40) who attack the very natural consequences of aging. Snark, though, has no power of youth, just cattiness.

jaragon said...

My favorite moment in the show were the scenes with Kyle Bornheimer as gay secret service dude. He is cute and funny.