Wednesday, August 23, 2017

What the Buck?

Gemmel Moore with his mother, Latisha Nixon

Well, what do you know? Detectives have had a change of heart and are now probing the death of a 26-year-old male escort at the home of Ed Buck, a wealthy Democratic donor. Despite the change of plans -- prompted by an outcry from activists, friends and family members who say Buck "got off" by watching young men of color inject drugs -- they are having trouble tracking down other alleged victims, of which they have been told there are many. The Los Angeles County Sheriff initially ruled Gemmel Moore's death an accidental drug overdose after he was found alone in a closed bathroom at Buck's West Hollywood apartment. Buck's lawyer says he had nothing to do with the young man's death -- but I guess you can never underestimate just how demented a gay man's sexual fetish might be. Read HERE.


jaragon said...

This is truly bizarre if it's true

WillnSYV said...

My this is totally unbiased.

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