Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Tig Notaro Is Not Amused by Louis C.K. Anymore

Interesting interview with Tig Notaro in The Daily Beast, in which she talks about the Louis C.K. sexual misconduct rumors. (He is said to have made female comedians who toured with him watch him masturbate, and I think anyone with a brain knows it's got to be true.) I agree with her that it's a very uncomfortable position for fans and colleagues to be in. Is it time for us to really get to the bottom of this -- Bill Cosby style -- or are we going to continue to compartmentalize his personal behavior and his professional works, Woody Allen style? (What he allegedly did is reprehensible. But it's not Cosby level, so perhaps coming clean, apologizing and assuring everyone it won't happen again would work.) Notaro is in a particularly tenuous position as C.K. helped catapult her into a higher level of fame, yet she has since accused him of plagiarizing a short film of hers and hasn't spoken to him in nearly two years. (He's still listed as an executive producer on her Amazon show, "One Mississippi," yet she goes to get lengths to tell everyone that he has NOTHING to do with the show.) I have no reason to doubt anything Notaro has said -- and I'm a huge fan. I guess the only thing I might add is that she has also had a big falling out with Amy Schumer -- and alludes to having had another "incident" with Louis C.K. from some time ago about which she does not elaborate -- which could mean that people who get very successful tend to behave horribly. Or it could be one of those situations where someone you know is constantly having fallings out with everyone and after a while you start to wonder if maybe it's them. Read HERE.

The story is out there. But is this what happens when David goes after Goliath?

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