Monday, August 21, 2017

Page 1 Roundup (08/21)

The Daily News: I must confess that Jerry Lewis was just the telethon guy and Johnny Carson guest to me growing up. And the only film role I ever saw him in was as talk-show host Jerry Langford in "The King of Comedy," a part Martin Scorsese reportedly wanted Johnny Carson to play.

But even though I never sought out his legendary work with Dean Martin, his good deeds for people with Muscular Dystrophy and his spectacular performance opposite Robert De Niro and Sandra Bernhard make him all right in my book, even if he may have been the misogynistic prick some say he was. RIP.

Sandra recalls working with the mercurial comedian HERE.

Or was he not such a tough cookie?

The New York Post: Legendary comedian Jerry Lewis dead at 91

The New York Times: Bannon Was Set for a Graceful Exit. Then Came Charlottesville.

The Wall Street Journal: Africans Have Heated Views About Rice, Just Ask Mark Zuckerberg

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