Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Lower! Lower!

I haven't deliberately gotten up before noon in decades -- but a week at my parents' made sleeping in nearly impossible. So imagine my delight when I discovered "The Price Is Right" has finally given its viewers what they want, in the form of Aussie product model James O'Halloran, whose smirking and finger pointing ways had me worked up into a tizzy by the Showcase Showdown! 

Bob Barker was accused of sexual harassment -- and you can be sure I would be too if I worked on the show today.

He's like a cross between Jan-Michael Gambill and Ted McGinley, which is to say absolutely dreamy.


Dean Jennings said...

You and me, both! You should check out his predecessor, Rob Wilson - the first TPIR male model.

JimmyD said...

What's his price... without going over?

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