Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Grigor Dimitrov Thinks Feliciano Lopez Is the Fairest of Them All

Watch your back, Judy Murray -- someone's eyeing your dream man. A reporter told Grigor Dimitrov that he is considered the most handsome man in the game -- and wanted to know who he thought was. Here's what he had to say: 

“A lot of people think you’re the most handsome guy on tour, perhaps the most handsome guy to ever play tennis,” the reporter said. “Who do you think is the most handsome guy on tour? If it is you, so be it.” 
Dimitrov was caught slightly off-guard and after attempting to deflect the question, struggled to answer. 
“You’re becoming very handsome with this kind saying to me,” he said with a smile. “Oh man. That’s a tough call for me, isn’t it? Let’s talk about women or something else. Talking about guys ... “Guys. Wow. You caught me off-guard completely. Help me out here, man. Anything helps.” But once the 26-year-old settled on a selection — Spain’s Feliciano Lopez — he gave more than anyone was expecting. 
“I have always be an admirer of Feli,” Dimitrov said. “I like this guy a lot. He’s just — I mean, every time — he’s like, fit and good and his long hair and the beard. I go with Feli. Feli Lopez. I like this guy a lot. I mean like every time he ... he's fit and good, His long hair. The beard. I wish I had his legs. His calves, man -- he's strong. And every time we're walking toward the showers I say, Show me those calves again. And he starts laughing at me. I guess him. Of course there are few others, but he's the first name that pops into my head."
If this is how quickly he warms up during a press conference, I'd love to see what I could do with him after a few drinks, 

Feliciano Lopez and Vasek Pospisil asking spectators who they think is the best-looking player on tour.


Hot and a sense of humor!


jaragon said...

Grigor looks adorable in that clip

Unknown said...

Can I vote for Borna Coric?

Fit Studs said...

Sorry to dissapoint you but, Grigor's got a girlfriend. Nicole Scherzinger. And it's been a while, actually.

TennisFan said...

I wouldn't go with Dimitrov or Lopez as best looking on tour. Lucas Pouille, Borna Coric and Jordan Thompson are all better looking in my opinion. And that's just off the top of my head

Unknown said...

Nordic is far the best looking