Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Alt Wrong

That Trump retweeted an alt right leader diminishing the outrage over Charlottesville might be his lowest moment yet -- and there is so much competition. 

There is truly no hope for this country. 

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Dwight Williamson said...

This country is just fine. Look at the Go Fund me account for the grieving mother. 225000 dollar goal raised account closed. Americans are good. There is no doubt there has always been a racist fringe and at one time many misguided people in the south. It is my understanding these white trash killers in Charlottesville were imported and invited . Charlottesville home of University of Virginia designed in some part by Thomas Jefferson, is known for a lot. A wonderful law school , many good people. I may be rambling. Our problem is still the same we have an imbecile with an inferiority complex, and his own fake truth playing at being leader of the free world. Does anyone really believe he is fooling America twice? I don't.

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