Friday, July 21, 2017

Teacher Busted for Lap Action With Student

It seems this NYC high-school biology instructor is in hot water for his hands-on approach to teaching the birds and the bees:

The Daily News writes: 
A Queens teacher has been pulled from the classroom after he was caught in the dark with a student on his lap, according to a source at the high school. 
Farzad Ghelichkhani, 35, was yanked from his job at John Adams High School in Ozone Park and put in a rubber room in June 2016, following an investigation of charges against him. 
“This behavior is completely inappropriate, and Mr. Ghelichkhani was removed from the classroom and reassigned away from students last year,” said Education Department spokesman Michael Aciman. Department officials are trying to fire Ghelichkhani, who is still collecting his $86,185 salary. He had no prior disciplinary history. 
Ghelichkhani, a biology teacher, didn’t respond to a call for comment. A dean walked in on Ghelichkhani and the student in a compromising position, according to the school source. “They were in an embrace,” the source said. “It was a definitive sighting. A student on his lap, lights out.”
No word on the gender of the victim. But this year-plus-old story seems to have made the tabloids today as a result of GOP mayoral candidate Bo Dietl running to the press to try to use this as ammunition against Mayor Bill de Blasio, in case you're wondering. .


Anonymous said...

if he's fired, he might have a future in private instruction...

jaragon said...

Good looking guy but should have kept his hands off the students

Lee4U said...

I don't think if he was going to do anything with a student that he would do it where everyone could see him..You are not supposed to show kindness to anyone anymore and offer comfort and love..What a shame this country has come to..People mean nothing anymore..

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